Tuesday, October 20, 2009

PET practice

Hi Jack,

I forgot my jacket and maybe I forgot it when I went to your party yesterday. Don't worry I'll return to get my jacket. Can I go tomorrow to pick IT up? Send a tex message to me to know if I can go.
See you soon


PET practice

Hello Rick,

Hope you're ok. I've just read your letter. My family celebrate days which 're very important for us because we stay a short time with all of the family or most of them. We celebrate christmas in salto "las termas" and the new year in my house both with my family.
I do a very OF special things. I go to "las termas" with my family. It is important FOR me because I stay with my family and friends of slato in the swimming pools , in places to play football ,eating and was amazing
I suppose that stay no more than 5 celebrates with your family was important because the family get more joined and they help other members of the family with the problems.

Write back


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

PET practice

This is part of a letter you receive from an English friend.

I want to spend a weekend in a city in your country. Where do you advise me to go?What’s the best time of year to visit? What should I do there?

Now write a letter answering your friend’s questions in about 100 words.

Hi Turner,

I'm witing to answer a letter you sent one week ago. I now you're going to come to my country.I recommend you to come to my house.It’s better because you don't have to search and pay a hotel.

If I were you I'd come in summer because the days in this period are sunny and you can go to the beach, walk next to the beach, go skate and a lot of things.

Here all are very simple but this country have very good shoppings, beaches, places to relax and discos to dance.I am living in punta del este all the continent now something about punta del este because have incredible beaches , a innovation shopping called "Punta Shopping" and a beautyfull promenade to walk go skate or ride bycycle.

I hope you Santiago

PET practice

You have just spent a weekend with your English friend and his family.

Write an email to your friend. In your email, you should

· thank him

· say what you enjoyed most

· tell him what you are doing next weekend

Write 35-45 words.

Hi Poolpo,

I'm writing to you to thank about the weekend we've just spent in the beach with your family.

I remember the moment when I learn to surf that was amazing.

The next weekend I'm going to go to the countryside, tell me if you would like to go.

Your friend,